Why join INSEE in Viet Nam?
We promote a performance-­focused culture, which encourages and values the contribution of people in an open and collaborative environment by having:
  • A people development culture with processes to attract and retain the right talent; build leadership capabilities that can lead in change and the culture we want; and motivate and engage employees to give off their best.
  • International standards of operations with modern equipment and systems; strong processes and controls; world-­class technical expertise; good Corporate Social Responsibility; strict environmental compliance and high safety standards.
  • An open and warm working environment through coaching; New Ideas program (Y Kien Moi), employee engagement surveys; observing and learning from each other’s job (Day in Life Of); and tools to equip teams with a healthy team dynamics and to improve performance.
  • Opportunities for learning and development with structured On the Job training, coaching and mentoring, technical training, soft skills training, leadership and supervisory development programs, regional and global programs.
  • And other benefits: such as location allowances (where applicable), public holiday bonus, yearly bonus, subsidized cement and concrete, Aon health care insurance for employee, favorable working hours and leave compared to local labor laws.
Labor policies

Our labor policies are against discrimination and comply with laws of human and labor rights:
  • Value diversity and promote equal opportunities in recruitment, employment, development and retention.
  • Respect employee’s rights, ensure wages that meet local industry good practice.
  • Strive to provide best possible working and development conditions.
  • Refuse to employ children at any age where education is still compulsory.
Training and talent development

  • We foster a continuous improvement culture that empowers employees to prove themselves.
  • Appropriate training programs for each level according to Training Pyramid.
  • NTH programs with various activities of OPI, YKM, regional rotation program, etc.
  • Encourage employee work efficiency.
  • Increase process efficiency with state of the art technologies.
  • Continuous system improvement with ISO & compliance review.
People we look for

INSEE Vietnam values a motivated and engaged workforce, working in an open and safe environment driven with passion and energy to achieve the organization’s goals.
We are looking for bright, capable people who respond to opportunities and execute roles efficiently. People who are dedicated to develop and contribute to a respected organization. Specifically, we are looking for people who:
  • Lead for Performance: strong commitment and sense of urgency to achieve goals, looks for opportunities and solutions, tackles tough challenges or problems quickly and directly.
  • Are Proactive: challenge the normal way of doing things, have "I want to improve" mentality, asks questions to clarify.
  • Have “Can do” attitude, Energy and Excitement: sets high standards, not wait to be told to do something, is motivated and enthusiastic to do the tasks, doesn’t let obstacles or barriers stop them.
  • Have Capacity to Learn: adapt to fast learning environment, learn from experience, resilient in setbacks or mistakes.
How to join INSEE in Viet Nam?

If you want to join us, kindly send your CV and Cover Letter to the email:

We will highly consider your application to figure out the most suitable position for you.