At INSEE in Vietnam, Sustainable Development is placed at the very core of our business strategy to balance the triple bottom line: Economical Growth - Environmental performance - Social responsibility. Furthermore, our Sustainable Development approach not only helps guarantee our long-term business but also helps us address both global and industry challenges. This strong commitment is not only part of our corporate culture, it also provides us a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


As a leading role-model enterprise in adopting a sustainability approach in Vietnam, for the past 10 years, we have been implementing a wide range of activities, initiatives and campaigns to ensure we balance our economical, environmental and social responsibilities. As one of the pioneers in adopting a sustainable approach over the past 10 years we have experienced and overcome challenges in the certainty that our concerted efforts will lay a solid foundation for sustainability in the future.


The keys to achieving Sustainable Development in every part of our business are:



Building Together

Celebrating 10 years of sustainable development, INSEE in Vietnam is pleased to present our "Building Together" initiative with a series of programmes designed to coordinate and align the company toward one sustainability direction. Through this initiative, every individual, every action, no matter how small, will have a meaningful impact, contributing to brighter futures.