Siam City Cement (Viet Nam) Ltd is committed to conducting business consistent with sustainable development principles. This is to be achieved through a process of continuous improvement in Quality, Environment, Energy, Health and Safety Performance through the use of effective management systems.

Policy statement

Sustainable Development is at the core of our business strategy embracing the Triple Bottom Line framework integrating economic growth, environmental performance and social responsibility. We commit to continuously improve its environmental performance and to make a positive contribution to nature and society. We conduct our business in a manner that leads to creating a healthy and safe environmnent for all our stakeholders (employees, contractors, communities and customers) built on a true safety culture.

Principle 1

Maintain efficiency Quality, Environment, Energy, Health and Safety Management System to continuously improve our performance and actively manage risk in our business.
Comply with applicable legal, regulatory, industry and corporate requirements.

Principle 2

Health & Safety, Environment and Energy Performance
Conduct our business with a goal of zero harm.
Provide safe, healthy and secure work conditions for employees, contractors and visitors.
We assess and measure our environmental impacts, continuously improve processes, tools and capabilities and promote best practices in our industry. We encourage analysis of impacts through the life cycle of our products and solutions (including Release of pollutants, Climate Change, Water, Quarries rehabilitation/restoration/reclamation, Biodiversity and Local impacts).
We reuse, recover and/or recycle waste materials in own production processes where feasible, minimize the generation of any hazardous and other waste.Ensure the availability of information and of necessary resources to achieve objective and targets.
Supports the purchase of energy-efficient products and services, and design for energy performance improvement

Principle 3

Customer focus
Satisfy our customer’s appropriate business needs.
Promote the safe and responsible design, production and delivery of high quality and innovative sustainable products and services.

Principle 4

Stakeholder Relations
Communicate openly with all stakeholders on relevant environmental, energy, health and safety issues.