In INSEE, Health and safety is at the center of everything we do, from the daily routine tasks in our plants to our customers worksites and our actions in our neighboring communities. Our aspiration is to conduct our business with zero harm to people and to create a healthy and safe environment for our employees, contractors, communities, and customers.

With the vision that all personnel that enter any of our sites to return home as safe and healthy as when they arrived. In our company, the overall objective of implementing all of the blocks within the INSEE H&S Pyramid is to provide an H&S Management System that is capable of delivering a healthy and safe workplace. This is measured against our Targets for H&S performance and, when all the blocks of the Pyramid are fully implemented - Green, this will be evidence of the full application of H&S standards and guidelines, provision of the necessary resources and training, and measurement of the performance.

Additionally, significant continuous improvements have been made across the entire business and this shows the ongoing commitment of top management to improve our health and safety performance:

  • In order to employees feel ownership for safety and take responsibility for themselves and others, actively converse with others on safety topics, there were certain sharing sessions conducted by staff (Toolbox talks, Safety Observation tours, Hazard & Incident reports, Near miss reports etc.). Especially, a tool called “personal risk assessment” is a very simple but effective process for keeping every person safe, before each task or activity, take a small amount of time to consider all aspects of the activity and ask yourself what could go wrong and what you can do prevent  it.

Safety toolbox talks delivered by staff at site

  • To recognize good performance/ behavior in H&S related activities for both employees and contractors, we have maintained a recognition program called “Scratchy card program” Where good performers are randomly awarded gifts.


  • Moreover, a safety practical training has been running as a project to provide a more effective approach method with Flow: Lecture => practice on site => online test. And Visible leadership training program is designed to provide participants with an understanding and practical experience in leading H&S improvements.


  • The investment of the installation of CCTV at sites have been done for security, safety and operational purposes. It allows us to remotely observe activities on site and take corrective action immediately if there are any problems.



Achieving excellence in health and safety performance is a continuous journey. Every year a full review is carried out to understand where continuous improvement is needed and a full detailed roadmap put together to improve as we move forward.